Monday, August 20, 2012

For My Boys

Anger, lust, fear, jealousy and embarrassment come and go. Remember that when in their grip.  Love remains.

The world needs you, not an imitation of someone else or who you think you should be. It needs YOU just as you are today, imperfections and all.

I hope you find a girl who brings out all that is good in you and who finds you as funny, brilliant and adorably awesome as I do.

I hope you find work one day that interests and challenges you.  Give it your all.  Ditch digger or neuclear physicist, I am and always will be proud of you.

Know when to be tough and when to be tender.

Remember that everyone, no matter how they appear on the outside, is fighting some sort of battle.  Be patient and kind to all.

Have no tolerance for cruelty. Stand up for what is right.

Pray. Nothing is too big or too small to bring to God.

Read: newspapers, magazines, and books. The more you read, the more interesting the world is and the more interesting you become.

Always, always forgive. Others and yourself.  Forgiving won't make what happened right, but it will free you to move on.

Learn to recognize your inner critic and tell it where to go.

When life gets rough, remember who you are and where you come from.  I will be right here when you need me with an open heart and open arms.